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Rake is how poker rooms make money.
Poker players do not directly lose any money to the poker room, but the room is steadily raking in micro payments from every cash game pot and tournament entry.


Rakeback is a form of bonus program by an online poker room. A player gets a some of the rake he generates back during a certain time interval.

Fixed limit

In a fixed limit game the size of the bets are made in fixed amounts. There are two bet sizes, the small bet for the early rounds and big bet for the later ones.


In a no-limit game the size of the bets is limited only by the size of the betting player's stack. A player may wager as much as he likes up to betting his whole stack.

Pot Limit

In a pot limit game the size of the bet must be less than the current pot size.


The pot is the prize pool consisting of all the bets made in a hand.


A poker game between just two players is called heads-up.


A game is called shorthanded (or 6-max) if 3 to 6 players take part.


A fullring (or 10-max) game refers to a poker game with 7 to 10 players.

Big Bet

The big bet is the larger of two bet sizes in a poker game. In a $2/$4 Hold'em game, the big bet is four dollars.

Big Blind

The big blind is the larger of the two forced bets at the beginning of a game. The smaller one is called the small blind.